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Within small distance from Delphi, travelers may reach the picturesque town of Galaxidi. Its unspoiled beauty, the neoclassical mansions and the overwhelming aura of time standing still define Galaxidi. As soon as you start wandering the cobbled pathways resembling those on Cycladic islands, you will fall in love with the mesmerizing landscapes and the lovely neighborhoods. Stroll along the promenade by the harbor with the colorful fishing boats, watching them rocked gently on the water.

Galaxidi has been a prominent hub of maritime and commerce in the past, which explains the presence of such impressive houses in the area. Some of them remain inhabited, whereas others have been preserved to maintain the unique identity of the place. Ideal for a small break in your vacations, the town of Galaxidi offers tranquility and the opportunity to enjoy great local cuisine, fresh fish and seafood, as well as iced cold beverages on the waterfront.

Among the major attractions of Galaxidi, the Nautical and Historical Museum definitely deserves a visit. There you will find intriguing information about the town’s glorious past, which is unveiled before you through the items on display. But above all, Galaxidi provides an alternative destination for those in search of serenity and genuine moments of relaxation. In a place where tradition is evident all around, you are most welcome to enjoy a breath of fresh air and take in the salty breeze by the harbor.

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