Delphi has been considered the “Navel of the World” ever since antiquity and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located on the southwestern slope of Mount Parnassos, the city of Delphi boasts an impressive and long-lasting history. This is where the Oracle offered a glimpse to the future for the Greeks and for literally everyone in the Classical world of the past. The high priestess of the Oracle, Pythia, provided advice to prominent personalities such as Kings and Warlords. Their meaning was often ambiguous, leaving the interpretation to the very same people who had come to Delphi for consult.

Among the most famous attractions in Delphi, travelers will have the opportunity to admire the Temple of Apollo and the Theater, Tholos and Hippodrome, the Castalian Spring and a lot more on site.

The city of Delphi is the continuation of the historical residential Oracle at Delphi and the village Kastri was constructed on the ruins of the oracle. It was moved to its present location in 1893, with the start of archaeological excavations in the wider region. The city is found in an altitude of 550 meters, referred to as a global cultural hub and a center for nature tourism and sports. An amazing network of both ancient and modern trails has been developed in the area, providing the ultimate destination for hiking activities.

Besides the archaeological site and the museum, there is the European Cultural Center and in the nearby region there is a series of monasteries of great religious interest. Also, Delphi is within walking distance of 10 km from Arachova, a major winter destination in the Greek mainland and Galaxidi.

Thanks to its magnificent views, the city has been described as a place of authentic positive energy. The wonderful climate and the excellent connection to all major cities in Greece make it a true gem to be treasured!

How to find us

From Athens Airport  (180km) you drive Attica Road in the direction of Elefsina,Take Exit No9 for Lamia (E 75).
Continue driving in the highway   and take the  exit to Castro  on the right, keep driving to direction for Levadia then you pass the village of Arachova  and after 9 km you are  Delphi.
From Olympia:209 km and Patras( 120km) . From Olympia you drive direction to Patras at E55,after Patras you exit on the way to the bridge at Rio and you continue to Nafpaktos and you follow the road to GAlaxidi ,ITea and you reach Delphi. 
From Kalambaka. From Kalambaka you take the E65 highway, pass Trikala, Karditsa and drive towards Lamia. After Lamia, you leave right at the exit for Amfissa and Delphi. After Amfissa you continue to Delphi.

At  the airport  you can take Proastiakos Train ( and you get off at Stathmo Nerantziotisas.
then you can take METRO Line 1 to the direction to Pireaus and get off at station “Kato Patissia” to the bus station in Athens (located at 260, Liossion str, PC 10445 Tel. +30 210 8317096) where you can catch one of the frequent bus to Delphi ( 3 hours trip)
When you arrive at Delphi bus station (Tel. +30 22650 82317)  The hotel is located 200 m. on the left side of the street following the main street of Vassileos Pauvlou
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