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Parnassos Ski Center

Parnassos Ski Center

Ranked as the largest ski resort in the country, Parnassos Ski Center certainly attracts worldwide attention. With an altitude reaching 2,260 meters and with such modern facilities, the place offers everything skiers and nature enthusiasts may ask for. In a place filled with natural beauty and with an impressive diversity in flora and fauna, Parnassos is a must-see destination within close proximity to Delphi.

The resort was established back in 1976 and has operated non-stop ever since. You will find 23 ski runs in the area, with the two main locations called Kellaria and Fterolakka. The runs vary in difficulty, so everyone may join in and indulge in skiing adventures. Th backdrop is purely amazing, with the emblematic mountain peaks and the hillsides sprinkled with snow throughout the year and creating a breathtaking ambiance.

In the area, besides skiing you will also be able to enjoy a hot mug of coffee or delicious chocolate or have a taste of local cuisine. Even if you have never taken up skiing as a hobby, there are professionals who can guide you through helpful ski lessons. Snowboarding is another exciting activity for you to consider in the area. Plus, there is equipment available on site for rental.

One of the most beautiful mountains in Greece, Parnassos invites you to explore its charms and be part of its genuine identity. A truly memorable experience, rising your adrenaline levels and offering you the chance to be swept away by nature’s bliss on the mountain!

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