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Mountain Parnasos Hiking E4 Path

The ancient footpath of Delphi passes from Mount Parnassos and has been acclaimed as one of the oldest paths in the entire world. Its significance in the past had been indisputable, connecting the residents of Delphi with the mountains and offering them access to Corikion Cave on the north direction or to the seaside of Corinthian Golf on the south direction. So if you are feeling like challenging your physical strength and stamina towards completing the route that has remained intact with the passing of centuries, Mount Parnassos hiking E4 path is definitely your best bet!

Surrounded by lush greenery, hikers enjoy the wealth of the forest and take part in a long lasting ritual. The scenery takes your heart away and provides the ultimate experience in nature’s euphoria. From the slopes of the mountain all the way to the village of Delphi, the route is full of excitement and imposing landscapes. And although the whole path requires 4 to 5 hours to complete, it is well worth every second! Plus, the refreshing ambiance and the natural coolness on site provide the optimal environment for hikers.

An ancient hiking trail is waiting to be discovered, revealing its impeccable wonderment to those lucky ones who choose to walk on it. A trail not to the unknown, but a hike route in enchantment. A complete hiking experience, unfolding the mysteries of the Greek mainland and offering a glimpse to the past. See withteh eyes of the ancient Greeks walking on that very same trail and enjoy!

Mountain Parnasos Hiking E4 Path
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